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Hey, B2B SaaS Marketers. One easy element to increase leads and sales!

Hey B2B SaaS Marketers! One of our customers significantly increased hot leads and sales by cutting down trials.

The reason is larger prospects primary goal is to create a shortlist of four.

The last thing they want is to trial 50, different solutions.

Instead, those prospects want a quick and easy way to see if your solution is worth shortlisting. So a 2-minute video on your website gets them to shortlist your solution. In general, it should have:

- A friendly person talking them through key features / benefits with screenshots

- Show how quick / easy to use / implement your solution is

- Logos of great customers in different markets demonstrating that lots of other businesses trust you.

Sure, a trial needs to be there but generally, this is for prospects who are already more bought into your solution and want to take the time to trial it.

Incidentally, Harvard, MIT and Berkeley tested animated video vs a person talking. 127,000 viewers watched 6.9 million videos and 99% of them preferred a person talking.

So giving serious prospects what they want and need increases the volume of serious enquiries. And sales. Otherwise, well, I think the pic below tells the story...

To find out more about what works, happy to have a conversation. My email and work phone are both on my profile.

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