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More success through... diversity! How much does it bring?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

We love to help our customers become more successful through video and are in a position where we see small changes that make huge differences. One area where we have a lot of customer data is diversity. We see the huge difference it makes on B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and the numbers really move the dial.

The reason we highlight this is it is the easiest thing in the world to miss. One of our customers, a CEO of a successful tech firm born in Africa, recently ran a campaign and was wondering why results were relatively poor. We pointed out there was zero diversity in his campaign as a key element and he was almost sheepish because he is the epitome of diversity! Especially as he even AB tested diverse and non-diverse marketing and had a 33% better success rate with B2B lead generation using campaigns with diverse images!

And this data is even more significant when it comes to B2Cs selling to Millennials. The numbers we see in surveys are around 70% although our admittedly limited number of B2C customers see differences of around 33%. i.e. A 33% increase in sales from marketing campaigns using diverse images vs campaigns that don't.

Aside from this, we see higher revenue numbers from companies with a diverse management team but that's another story.

So what are a few, headline numbers from independent, publicly available data that demonstrate this? In the 1-minute vid below, we use four numbers that demonstrate the difference diversity makes to marketing and to businesses:

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