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What to put in explainer vids to create high quality leads and sales?

Hey marketers.

What's a way to get an explainer video generate you a lot more quality leads and sales? We'd like to share what we did with a fantastic customer so you can see for yourself. There are 4 elements:

1. Make it live action.

MIT, Harvard did a survey of 127,000 viewers who watched 6.9 million videos including live action, animation, slide shows etc... At the end, there was a call to action. 'Live action' beat animation by more than... 3,000%!!!!! So put real people in there.

2. It can't look like an ad.

Viewers don't want to be sold to. Our data is we get 2,500% better responses to our CTA when we do something that doesn't look like it's selling. I can even send you a video on this if you like!

3. Show someone who looks like a customer using it.

Who do you trust more, the company selling to you or a customer who's already bought the solution? So get someone who might be a customer showing their journey. And you can get really cute doing this! You can say 'something so easy, a child could use it' and just show a child using it!

4. Shoot it anywhere except your offices!

How many times do we hear companies saying 'we have to stand out' and then shoot a video in their offices! Stop that immediately! Instead, shoot it in something that looks like a customer environment. Or something that fits really well with your brand.

We can't publicly share the results of our explainer videos but we can certainly put you in touch with customers who have done this and get incredible results. The difference is massive.

And we'd also suggest turning your customers into heroes to give that 'emotional' element.

And here's an example. Not an office building or a suit in sight and yet really effective results in terms for marketing and sales:

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