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What's the single most powerful video for marketers (in our opinion)?

We believe there is a single piece of marketing that allows marketers to achieve amazing things above and beyond any other piece.

And we believe this is the brand film.

Take us, as an example and how well it works for us.

We're a video production company and can do lots of things. Customer testimonials, adverts, explainers, talent acquisition, L&D etc...

But prospects don't want to see all that initially. Instead, they want something quick and easy to get their heads around who we are and how we can help them. And a 1-minute brand vid does exactly that.

Sure, after they've bought into the idea of visiting our website, prospects look at our customer testimonials to see if our customers love us (fortunately they do!). They'll look at case studies or examples of our work.

But the spark to light their fire is a simple, 1-minute brand vid. It allows us to get prospects engaged and for all the marketing content we create to do its work. To make a real impact and do amazing things.

And data from companies like Nike and Apple is there publicly to see. Great brand films produce great results.

And because we believe in leading by example, here's ours...

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