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Video for lawyers... is it hard?

It wasn't so long ago that the only marketing lawyers were able to put in place was a brass plaque. So it's unsurprising awyers are a little nervous when it comes to anything marketing or video.

However, video has been embraced by the top 250 firms and even the magic circle use video extensively as can be seen by their websites.

Because when a GC, small business owner or private individual visit a website, it is hard to them to understand if the lawyers have the expertise they need. Walls of text on websites make it tricky to understand.

However, a video gives everything website visitors need to take a decision. Because while word-of-mouth is great, it is even greater to generate more customers through websites and showing how strong your work is.

But is it difficult to create? Is it easy to use? If you click on the short, easy-to-digest video below, we discuss.

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