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How do you win marketing awards and create awesome campaign videos?

So we created a video for one of our customers, KP Snacks and an agency, "Another Word." It was selected for "B2B Marketing Campaign of the Year" and won the low budget category outright.

It was then selected for "Best B2B Marketing Campaign of the Year" and finished in the top 5. Bear in mind those other campaigns were using video which cost 20 times as much!

Firstly, we have to start with the one big thing... the 'big idea.' Nothing more, nothing less. Now, to get to that idea... well, that's brainstorming, trying ideas which don't work, experimenting and finally iterating to the point the video got to the place we needed it.

And then creativity. What that means is to get a team together and then fire ideas around until a couple of them stick. One of my ideas was Indian retailers dancing troupe in a supermarket dressed as 1930s burlesque dancers. Genuinely not one of my best... But eventually we got to a place.

And that's iteration.

Followed by as much distribution to a perfectly targeted audience.

And it's that simple. Sure, it's about being bold. The big idea. Iteration. And creativity.

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