"Social is video." Mark Zuckerberg.


A great place to find more leads and customers is social.

However, the challenge for social is the tremendous amount of carefully targeted content that needs to be created.  A year of targeting means a year of content.  So how can video help make it quick and easy to create this amount of content?

We have a solution allowing us to help our customers creat 30, powerful videos for social in a single day.  Complete campaigns which they can post regularly, each week to attract more prospects and generate more leads.

And we want to make it easy for our customers.  We come up with the concepts, shoot and edit the content and make it easy and quick to create.  For example, for a recent B2B customer, we created 40 videos (all filmed on one day) and 20 of them needed no editing.  They are already working and experiencing success.  Examples are below.

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