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We love to help our customers do amazing things and love to help marketers create great marketing, in this case to DevOps.  

So, over a cup of tea (because we're English), we asked a couple of DevOps leaders what messaging wins them over.

I'm the guy in the glasses and hoodie.  Asking questions like... "What marketing messages are most effective in getting DevOps to look at a solution?"  Or "What's the biggest myth about marketing to DevOps?"  To get the kind of answers that help marketers create amazing marketing aimed at DevOps.  Plus asking real world examples so you can see how it works in practice.

And if you would like more ideas about marketing to DevOps, please just contact me.  Happy to discuss ideas to create amazing video marketing you can get DevOps really interested in buying your solutions.

DevOps:  What marketing messages...

I'd add is there are 4 elements which DevOps leaders seem to agree on when it comes to the reasons for buying new solutions.  These are:

1.  Pressing need

2.  Costs... but the nuance is they're doing more with less. 

3.  Turning DevOps from a cost centre into a profit centre / adding value.

4.  Support (the 'OpenSource' vid as above).

The fourth, 'OpenSource' is related to support.

Hope this is useful to marketers and if you are looking for new ways to reach DevOps, please just contact me on:

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