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Our customers were asking us for photography as well as video.  So to help, we sought out the best photographer we could find:  The wonderful, amazing Kat,, a professional corporate, event, portrait, commercial and occasional wedding photographer based in London.  We came across her at a shoot at a mutual customer and were blown away by the quality of her work.  She brings a freshness to her images which customers love.

She has over 10 years of experience in providing powerful, visually engaging, story-telling images, with her work being often featured in magazines and other media, and used to represent brands both internally and externally within the corporate world.

The perfect partner for FNX, her creative photographic style and strong eye for detail and composition is influenced by her European heritage and her degree in interior design and architecture. Kat is inspired by fine art photography, design, the arts, and the world around her, which she explores quite often on her travels.

Whether a busy live music event, formal dinner, or political or corporate conference, she will work with you to clarify the image you wish your event to portray, and deliver a set of images that perfectly capture that mood, and elevate your organisation’s brand.

Kat has shot everything from large international events/conferences to executive portraits for some of the most exciting and respected brands around, including Anaplan, GAIL’s Bakery, BTL Property, 1E, Clyde & Co, YMCA, Zehnder, Typhoo Tea, Zeal Network SE, Orchestrate Architects and Builders, Conservative Europe Group, and many more.

To get in touch to explore video and photography, please click on the big button below or alternatively, contact her directly and her website is:

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