Why Video Production with FnX Media?

When I was working for some of the world's most successful businesses, I knew video was powerful.  To access its power, what I really needed was a production house to help me understand what videos would help me achieve my goals.  To give me ideas that really move the needle.  And that's why I founded FnX Media.  To offer tremendous ideas and phenomenal execution.


Our customers use us because of this approach.  We give them video ideas with real power and then create video so they sell more, generate more leads, make better hires and inspire, educate and entertain their audiences.   Clients including fast-growing B2B SMEs, enterprise customers including the UK government and a raft of B2Cs including the world's largest advertising agency.  

But don't take our word for it.  Here are our customers talking on camera about the impact we help them make: Production Studio, UK Video Production, Video Production, Marketing agency, Video production agency

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How we delight Our Customers

Incredible Concepts

Great ideas.  Amazing storytelling.  Incredible content.  We pioneered video concepts like social blending and 50 videos in a day.  All to help our customers maximise their impact.  To find out more, just contact us!

Video to produce results

It's not about creating pretty pictures.  Instead, we help our customers make an impact with video.  So they can use video to produce great results.

SMEs & Enterprise

We are happy to help with all things video.  A one-stop-shop for everything from providing a single shooter to an entire campaign.  

Delighting our customers

Our customers need to move the needle.  To  inspire, educate and entertain and we help them achieve this.  If you want to discover what works, just contact us!

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