According to Glassdoor, adverts with video receive 30% more responses than those without.  However, to make our talent acquisition customers truly successful, we take filming to the next level by looking at what really attracts strong candidates for great companies and how this can be achieved through video.  For example:

-  Sales: Hiring top salespeople is always challenging but video can help with this.  Our analysis shows successful salespeople prioritise companies which allow them to achieve their targets, rather than purely the highest salary.  Therefore, we focus on video that shows how salespeople get tremendous support from marketing, SDRs, presales and more because all of this attracts better salespeople.

-  Developers:  Developers are much more motivated to join companies which offer really productive environments rather than the frustrations of manual testing or waterfall.  So developers are extremely keen to know if a company's development team is working within a scrum, agile methodology and automated testing so they can really enjoy their work. 

And the most important element is this will save recruiters a ton of time.  By having everything in a video, recruiters can touch a lot more candidates with the information they need which has the side effect of improving the candidate experience.

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