Our B2B customers tell us our videos to help salespeople close more deals are the most powerful they have ever experienced and we are delighted to make a real difference in this area.  Our customers consistently say their salespeople use sales closing videos in presentations when they are in front of a client because it is the single, most persuasive weapon in their armoury.

The approach we take is to create video so effective that prospects watching it will want to buy and our focus in this area is on the 'sales closing' customer testimonial.


According to the data, B2B decision-makers want to see video to the point they actively seek it out and use it to take buying decisions. Google's data: “Half of B2B decision makers are spending 30 minutes consuming video content as part of a B2B buying process...  20% are spending an hour. or more.."  We are happy to provide this and to discover the difference between a 'lead generation' and a 'sales closing' customer testimonial, we are always happy to share what works best.  Ultimately, we want 

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