• Paul Walker

What's the first thing we need to do using marketing videos?

The first thing to do is ask a question. What is video for? I love vid because I love the impact that I can help make with it but if a customer's thinking about using vid, this is the big question that makes all the difference. Because the fundamentals of video is for one thing: To maximise the impact of whatever you're trying to achieve. So if your brand is whimsical and funny or intelligent and engaging video will exponentially increase that. It's fuel on the fire, not the fire. For example, if someone's hitting the wrong notes, it'll also maximise that. Take, for example, using vid on Linkedin. If the posts on Linkedin are hitting the wrong notes then video will scream this at the top of its lungs. It makes good stuff better but also makes issues bigger. Get it right and video is huge. We've got customers who show us their AB tested numbers and the difference is massive and makes them truly successful. But before even thinking about designing video, I sit down with the customer and ask a question: 'What do you have that's special?' Because when we find it, that's when we see the massive success that gives our customers success and we get a real buzz from. Advert below.

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