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Stop pressurising salespeople! Instead, give them what they need to close more sales!

Why do we crank up the pressure on salespeople? If finance, HR, ops, marketing or legal say they are struggling, do we PIP them and crank up the pressure, or do we give them the things they need to make their lives easier and do their job better?

Take, for example, salespeople who are struggling to close deals. They're blamed, PiPped and more. However, instead of blaming them, why not give them something that helps them close those deals? Take, for example, the tech sector where in order to close deals, salespeople need to answer questions from prospects that encompass a whole series of different elements.

Prospects in the tech sector weigh up so much more than simply if a solution solves a problem or adds value. They look at integration, implementation, customer service, if a company has a mechanism to incorporate ideas which will make a difference to them and what you are like to deal with when stuff goes wrong. They want to know what it's like to deal with your professional services team, if you're going to listen to them, how easy / difficult it is to find freelancers to develop a solution and most importantly, how easy it is to deal with a supplier over a long period of time. All of which the salesperson (and presales) are asked about in meetings and need answers for.

So instead of putting pressure on salespeople not closing, how about giving them the answers to the questions prospects ask about? For example, one of our SaaS customers realised this and gives their salespeople closing collateral which immediately and positively impacted their sales team's ability to close sales. And this all starts with their current customers talking about all this stuff on camera which is much more effective than the salesperson presenting it. Well, who do you believe more, the salesperson selling or a customer who's bought the solution?

And here's the proof. Here is one of our customers (a CMO at a fast-growing tech firm) giving us a testimonial. In the middle of this 2-minute video, she talks about the salespeople 'loving' this type of vid (she calls it 'the second video') and they use it all the time to close sales:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41ilC1r43mg - this is what I mean. A video to help salespeople close. Helping, not pressurising them.

So maybe, if salespeople have leads but are unable to close deals, instead of firing them, give them the collateral they need. (If they don't have leads that's another story....) But collateral aimed at closing sales simply makes it easier to close more sales. I mean, we do it for every, other department in a business so if finance, HR, legal, ops or marketing are struggling, we give them stuff to take the pressure off! So why not apply the same principle to sales? Make it easier to close. It works for everyone else and more importantly, works for our customers.

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