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Warm calling vs cold calling.

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

My first office job was in telesales and it was a massive floor with tons of people and a lot of turnover (as you can imagine). We had a really, outstanding marketing department, I learned a lot from them and I had a chance to observe what was going on, on a huge scale.

When a telesalesperson had no marketing support, they would generally hit around 25% of target. An outstanding / lucky one might even do double that but that was about it. However, what was interesting was that in sales patches where there were no salespeople, marketing’s efforts meant those areas yielded about 25% of target. So a great marketing function marketing, by itself, without any salespeople, could generate about 25% of target (more or less).

However, put the two together and a telesalesperson could hit 100% of target or more on a ‘warmed up’ territory. As a telesalesperson, I could only hit my target in that business when marketing was really doing their thing and there were a couple of marketers in particular we really respected because they seemed to be more effective than others. Of course, as salespeople, we claimed the credit once we’d hit the targets but in reality, marketing was just as important in hitting those numbers.

And it was also ‘inspirational’ calling into a warmed up territory. People knew who we were and it made the ‘feeling’ of cold calling kinda fun. It wasn’t perfect but it ‘felt’ a lot better because prospects were responsive and when I hear about salespeople who aren’t enjoying their job, I think that a lot of these problems could be resolved by giving them a lot of warm leads so they can use their sales skills.

And it’s one of my chief motivators for setting up my business. I wanted to create collateral that would help marketing be even more effective and salespeople hit their numbers. It always drove me crazy when I saw good salespeople chastised for not hitting numbers when the reality, sales is a team sport and there are lots of elements that need to come together to make good salespeople successful!

Video today takes this to the next level. It doesn't just warm a territory because combined with tech, it tells us who the hottest prospects are so we can focus our time and prioritise the leads who really want to buy the solution. It allows us to look into a territory and spot the people who want to buy so we can focus on them. This makes it better for the salesperson and for prospects!

A video below...

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