• Paul Walker

Do B2B prospects respond to video and if so, what gets the best response?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

For us, the most important element in any B2B marketing campaign is for prospects to take action. Over the last 5 years, all independent data has been showing this is where video really excels and, for example, this is Google's take:


However, when we examined the data, we noticed huge differences in viewer reactions. This means some videos perform exponentially better than others and created much stronger reactions in viewers. When we analysed the data, we discovered four factors made enormous differences in getting viewers to take action after watching the video. The inclusion of these elements translates in more MQLs and even SQLs in any campaign.

The data includes the world's biggest survey of 127,000 people who watched 6.9 million videos, with the data gathered by MIT, Harvard and Berkeley.

Here are four, high value elements that significantly increase responses, turning prospects into MQLs and SQLs:

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